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Panama Canal Authority:

Pipeline & Tank Farm

This Tank Farm & Pipe Line project is located on the Panama Canal next to the Miraflores Power Plant. The purpose of this Tank Farm is to provide Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) for the Miraflores Power Plant which is part of the Panama Canal.

This project involves the automation of three 140,000 Barrel tanks that will transfer HFO from a marine loading dock to the Tanks. Then provide the Miraflores Power Plant the fuel at a specific pressure and mass flow. There are approximately Seventeen (17) Motor Operated Valves, Two (2) Variable Speed Pumps a Mass Flow device and variety of pressure transmitters. On top of this equipment, there is also some service pumps and valves associated with removing waste material and water run-off. The pressure and mass flow of the product will be controlled using an advanced tuned PID instruction.

This project is using a Honeywell Masterlogic 200 along with Experion HS stand alone HMI software. There is also a local Touchscreen panel for control. We will be utilzing two PID instructions in the PLC software to regulate the speed of the redundant VSD Pumps in order to regulate the pressure and flow of the HFO. This project has approximately 250 I/O points.

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