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Melones Island:

Tank Farm Oil Terminal

Melones Island Terminal is a Tank Farm on a small Island.  This Island is located on the Pacific Side near the entrance of the Panama Canal.  Large Shipping companies rent storage space on this Island to house their Heavy Fuel Oil.  Melones Island Terminal build & operates this facility for it's tenants.  The facility compromises of 16 large Tanks, a large pump house that has the ability to mix fuels if so desired.  It also has to provide it's own power and water since it is located on an Island.

After installation, iGLOBE Automation provided upgrade & repair services.  The HMI needed repair and upgraded on a few occasions along with needed changes to PLC programming.  Also a large project involving the relocation of the very large Mass Coriolis Flow Elements & Transmitters.  They were relocated to the docks and needed to be reprogrammed to take advantage of all the information built into the Rosemount transmitters. 

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